vwin德赢官网与IDI 2023~FAAM and IDI 2023~
新闻 2023.11.29


From November 24th to 26th, the 8th Italian Design Icons (IDI) was held at stylish 800 Show venue in Jing'an district, the heart of Shanghai. As an old friend of the Italian brand design exhibition, FAAM China also was invited.


With the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture, this year's IDI Shanghai focuses on "The Quality That Lights Up: The Energy of Design Integrating People And Environment", showcasing a dazzling array of globally renowned Italian brands, casting a spotlight on their innovative products, and demonstrating the excellence of Italian design in China.  


Over the course of three days, IDI Shanghai opens its doors to the public, placing a spotlight on how Italian quality and design aim to illuminate a path toward sustainable and responsible development. With a diverse schedule comprising lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and B2B networking, the event offers an immersive encounter with Italian Design.

其中,宜兴vwin德赢官网工业电池有限公司总经理Ermanno Vitali先生在接受采访时针对市场共性问题表示,作为意大利第一家锂离子电池技术开发商和生产商,FAAM将始终坚持制造低环境影响、高能效的绿色电池,控制从原材料到报废电池回收的整个供应链”的使命,通过绿色生产、循环利用和回收,实现可持续发展,促进人与环境的和谐相处

Among this year’s icons, Mr. Ermanno Vitali, general manager of Yixing FAAM Industrial Battery Co., LTD., said in an interview that as the first lithium-ion battery technology developer and producer in Italy, FAAM will always adhere to the mission of “make green batteries with low environmental impact and high energy efficiency, controlling the entire supply chain, from raw materials to end-of-life battery recycling”, achieving sustainable development and promoting harmony between people and the environment through green production, re-use and recycling.

Ermanno Vitali先生还提到目前国内锂电池市场的竞争非常激烈,外国品牌很难在中国市场上发挥作用。尽管如此,中国市场依旧是FAAM的重点市场,vwin德赢官网将继续为所有客户和合作伙伴提供最好的服务与支持

Mr. Ermanno Vitali also mentioned that the current competition of lithium battery in China is very fierce and it is very difficult for foreign brands to play a role in Chinese market. Anyway, The Chinese market remains a key market for FAAM and we will continue to provide the best service and support to all our customers and partners.

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